Dr. Marc Boumeester is the dean of AKI Academy of Art and Design, ArtEZ University of the Arts.


Buikslotermeerplein 349, 1025XE Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Email: info@marcboumeester.com

Phone: +31-645622301

Initially Marc Boumeester worked for various major television- and film-producing companies and realized over sixty products, ranging from commercials to feature films. Gradually he combined his affection for architecture and the arts with his knowledge of instable media and became involved in education in these fields. Currently he is dedicated to his research and to the development of art and design departments, including managing their essential financial, organizational and legal conditions.

He has considerable experience in initiating and developing new education and leading organizations through processes of change. His style of leadership has been described as “dynamic, networking, future-sighted, gregarious, creative, intellectual, people-centered, dedicated, loyal”.

His research focuses on the liaison between perception, social-economic conditions and the affective capacities of media and objects, with a distinct preference for the exploration of the exteriority of relations, coming to the heuristics of an affordance philosophy. He writes, lectures, develops and teaches in a specific international array of educational institutions and research networks.


Management Development Trajectory

Leiden University, Centre for the Arts in Society, Doctorate

University of Amsterdam, Communication sciences

First Army Corps Command Artillery Division, Military expertise