In the roles as educator, manager, consultant and researcher, I have gained considerable experience in initiating, developing and managing education and leading organisations through processes of change. I believe that in order to match the urgency of the challenges faced by our planet with the speed of our problem-solving efforts, a symbiotic bond between theory and creation must be forged and implemented instantly.

My leadership style is described as "dynamic, connected, forward-looking, sociable, creative, intellectual, people-centred, committed, loyal".


I had the pleasure to work in or with several interesting institutions seated in government, academia and the creative industries, most of which are part of my network to date. More detailed information can be found in the respective sections.


Most publications that are listed deal with specific strands that have been developed on basis of my research, which has brought several new insights and models that on their turn found a place in my educational practice again.

Using analysis, transversal thinking and design fiction, we can think about the future - the asking - and create the future - the wanting. This allows supported decision making to initiate processes of change.



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