Short bio:

Before entering the world of education, I worked for many years in the film and television industry as a director or producer. In this capacity, I have realised more then 60 productions, varying from 30 second commercials and videoclips, documentaries to costume drama series and full-length feature films. After this amazing period I felt the need to restart my academic endeavours, which developed along two (sometimes overlapping) paths.

On the one hand, I have worked in research with an interdisciplinary agenda aimed at developing and transforming media-theoretical and media-philosophical frameworks in concrete teaching programmes for undergraduate, graduate and PhD education. Teaching in the fields of moving image, architecture, design, history and media theory at these three levels has been part of my work since 2004.

On the other hand, I worked as a manager within the environment of art and design education, in the roles of developer, founder, head of department, policy-maker, consultant and director. In these functions I gained considerable experience in initiating, developing and managing education and leading organisations through processes of change. I have developed and founded several new departments at various institutions and transformed a renown academy into a better version of itself. As a result all departments where rated "Top-programme" or "Excellent" during the time I was in charge.

I have presented at many conferences as invited keynote and was a guest lecturer in 22 countries around the globe and hold a doctoral degree from the University of Leiden. My research focuses on the interplay between non-anthropocentric desire and the building of perception in architectural conditions and unstable media, moving image in particular.

Education in the broadest sense of the word is very close to my heart. The world today needs a different way of thinking to open up new perspectives on the challenges we face. Ideally, I would combine a sense of achievement in this area with my management skills, as I have the ability to translate creative and agile processes into concrete results. Given the urgency of the questions that need to be answered, I believe that no industry today can avoid adapting to move quickly towards a just and equitable social-ecological economy.

My education:

Management Development Track

Senior Qualification Examination SKE

Basic Teaching Qualification BKO

Leiden University, Centre for the Arts in Society, PhD.

University of Amsterdam, Communication Science

Staff Battery First Army Artillery Corps, Military expertise


First Aid BHV

Driving Licence A/B/C