As most of the professions are replaced every 10 years by other -previously non-existing- professions, shaping design education is eminently a permanent steering into future scenarios. It is also for this reason that rather than working with preset outcomes or methodologies, we prioritise competency development as the main learning tool. These core competencies (such as creative ability, ability to grow and develop and critical ability) are now seen in a much broader context as crucial for the development of any employee in a changing future.

As a policy maker and consultant within education, I have focused on areas such as internationalisation, inclusion, diversity and social safety. Apart from that I worked for various governmental or (non-)profit organisations as an advisor in other kinds of future-oriented issues, such as security, food and energy production transitions. These processes are extremely fascinating to me and it is for this reason that I like to use my skills, knowledge and insights to develop future scenarios (and actions) for clients.

My contribution may be to show an organisation where it can develop towards. Using analysis, lateral thinking and design fiction, we can think about the future - the asking - and create the future - the wanting. From this comes both an honest picture of what to expect, but also a realistic ambition to achieve something. This allows supported decision making to initiate processes of change.

City of Enschede


In my role as a member of the Enschede Scientific Board, I dealt with broad social issues and provided advice on matters of economy, sustainability, safety, healthcare and development. This unique administrative instrument provides the mayor and the city with solicited and unsolicited advice on (scientifically substantiated) insights into trends, future development and aspirations, in order to steer municipal policy accordingly.

Provincial counsel

2023 ->

Being part of a special advisory group, gives me the opportunity to contribute to the unfolding of the political agenda into practical sets of guidelines.


2020 -2022

As project leader of a special task-force, I was able to guide ArtEZ Art & Design Zwolle through the accreditation of their departments.

InScience Filmfestival

2015 ->

As a member of the advisory-board of the InScience film-festival I have been contributing to the development and expansion of this unique festival that forefronts the value of science in society.

Masterclass Festival

2020 ->

Being involved as a sparring partner and member of the advisory-board of the Masterclass festival I have been part of the development and launch of this exciting new interdisciplinary festival.